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Where is the best mounting location for the antenna system?

All the way to the back of the bike. To start with it simply looks correct but that is not all that is going on. Lets take an auto for this example. If we mount the antenna dead center in the middle of the roof, the system will perform equally front and back. Lets say for easy math that this equals 10 miles. 5 miles to the front and 5 miles to the back. Now lets move the antenna to the rear bumper. What impact does this have?

The performance now makes an interesting shift. The total distance is still 10 miles but it is now 8 miles to the front and 2 miles to the back. This is due to a ground plane effect. The same is for the motorcycle. Distance in a given direction can be increased by proper placement of the antenna system.

The license plate type mount offered by J&M is an excellent choice for most bikes. However, we highly recommend making a change to the mount. The ground strap that is included should be removed from the stud. Drill a hole in the bracket, remove the powder coating and re-attach the ground strap. Remove the powder coating on the underneath side of the bracket at the point the coax connector contacts the bracket.

Remember paint and primer are your enemy.

Adding a second ground strap & attaching it to a different ground potential should be considered.


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