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My intercom sounds great but people on other bikes tell me they can’t understand me. What can be wrong?

More than likely you have an antenna system or a CB radio problem. If the problem were the headsets or headset cords the intercom would be distorted as well.

Basic troubleshooting procedures require a process of elimination in order to get to the culprit. Remember easy & cheap 1st, hardest and expensive last.
Can anyone understand your passenger? The likelihood of both headsets being defective is extremely low. If you are experiencing similar results from both headsets move on, it’s not the headsets.

Antenna system is next. With the antenna system you have coax, a stud mount, an antenna, and the antenna ground. Check them out in this order – ground, antenna, stud mount and coax cable. Try moving the coax or grab the antenna bracket.  If the SWR fluctuates you have a ground problem.

The SWR should be below a 2.0 and not fluctuate more than .1 up or down when moving the coax or grabbing the bracket. In other words 1.9-2.1 of fluctuation is ok. Remember, paint and primer are your enemy. Pinched or melted coax jacket is not good- replace it. Consider the MU-8R18 coax cable. It is great for running the coax through tight places.

Spin the antenna in a circular direction and check the SWR. Look for serious fluctuation or a spike. If it exhibits either replace it and same for the stud mount is screws into.
If none of the above resolves your problem and you can’t find a local professional that can resolve your issue, bring it to us. We will resolve your issue.
Please call for an appointment before showing up unless you intend to leave the bike as we may be booked for the day.

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